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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Genpocker Tattoo

Genpocker tattoo is a work of Indonesia which was designed by an artist who resides in the area ujungpangkah gresik, this tattoo was born at the beginning of the millennium year, by using the symbol of a lion's head that is ready to eat its prey.
In Indonesia, especially in the area Ujungpangkah Gresik, genpocker is a community that has been long standing and feared by other communities outside the region, it is because this community is very often almost every month even win the fight between communities.
Therefore this genpocker their tattoo design with a lion head design that is ready to pounce on their prey when they are oppressed. red is the color that indicates that the community was brave and thirsty for blood.
For more details, please come to the area and see for yourself there genpocker community activity that is always active every day.



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