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Friday, January 13, 2012

Designer Fashions For Spring 2012

It always seems like we have to start looking ahead to designer fashions so early in the year. Despite it being winter, the spring 2012 fashion trends have already hit the runaway. What can we expect this spring? A definite 180 from last year. 2011, for women, was all about borrowing from their male counterpart's wardrobe. Boyfriend jeans, military inspired gear, and grungy clothing were all the rage. I guess women were tired of dressing more like men than women. Thankfully, the designer fashions this year will be a return to femininity.
Spring fashions are inspired by florals and the tropics -expect a lot of pastels, from baby pink to light blue and pale yellow. You can see the inspiration in dresses, a pair of pants, and skirts. The colors can range from very pale pastels to shocking neon. On the runway we saw a lot of sequins, silks, and cottons.
However, fashion accessories will be kept to a minimum, but will still be in line with accentuating the feminine. Earrings have always been a staple of the feminine, so expect that to be the one accessory every women will need to have. In terms of designer shoes for women, say goodbye to aggressive combat boots and thick-soled wedges. Instead, enjoy classic pumps and anything delicate.
With the Olympics this year, you can also expect some sportier fashions to pop up. There was a bit of a sports theme in some of the spring/summer previews. Alexander Wang is one such designer that decided to hop on the athletic trend. And considering his large influence, many retailers will snatch this look as well. But don't expect track suits to be a typical style. Instead, look for cute anoraks, hooded jackets, and a good amount of nylon.
The best way to approach the upcoming designer fashions is to pick one simple element and one visual element to incorporate into it. It's not about being ornate next season. It's about simplicity. For example, pair a floral blouse with skinny jeans or match a pastel blazer with a summer dress. The fashion crime would be an attempt to mix and match every look from the runway together. That should never be the way to approach fashion trends. It's about finding which pieces look great on you and sticking to one theme per outfit.
Spring designer fashions should be popping up shortly so make room in your closet. Push the military look to the back and prepare for beautiful florals and pastels as we make a triumphant return to dressing like a lady!

Lexus LF-LC Concept Unveiled at 2012 NAIAS

Officially unveiled at the January, 2012 National American International Auto (NAIA) show in Detroit, the Lexus LF-LC concept is looking to push the Lexus brand in a new more sporty and exciting direction.
When Lexus comes to mind, one would think of luxury, comfort, and service. Lexus is Toyota's premier brand that has relentlessly maintained a conservative brand image around great luxury sedans. Since Lexus' foundation in 1989 it has been held as Japan's largest sell of premium cars, a title that only recently has been encroached upon by Hyundai and Infiniti.
So if you're Lexus, how do you convince the world that you're not just a boring, heavy, slow, sedan manufacturer? Well, first you build an exotic supercar that no one can afford, the LFA, then you wet some more appetites with a sport coupe that people can potentially afford, the LF-LC concept.
As a 2+2 (two front, two rear) coupe, the car is undoubtedly stunning. The front features a bold grill that is accented by LED lights that trail towards LED headlights with swooping curves that meet on the hood in the shape of an L, a subtle touch. The hood then curves it's way towards the wide rear wheel arches to connect what Lexus calls "balance and flow." This LF-LC concept dictates a more aggressive stance than any Lexus before and is rumored to be a more masculine alternative for the somewhat underwhelming SC line.
The interior is dressed in flashy gadgets from left to right but perhaps the most stunning feature is the driver's dash. The presentation of information is absolutely stunning and is one of the few futuristic looks that actually works with modern design. The configuration on the interior presents for an "intuitive driving experience," that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face when they realize this Lexus was meant to wake people up, not put them to sleep.
Although no detailed specifications have been released for this LF-LC Concept, Lexus commits to the implementation of a hybrid powertrain to reduce carbon footprint and maximize consumption efficiency. No suggested or rumored production prices have surfaced.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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